my 1/2 marathon is such a creeper…

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I was looking at my training plan for the Sept 15th half  i’ll be doing and it’s in less than 3 weeks! (It really did creep up on me). Which means this week counts big time, so i hit the track for 800s.

800 meters is 1/2 mile. My goal was to hit 3:30 for each half mile (a 7:00/mile pace.) I ended up doing a little faster than i thought. Good news before a race!

Workout Breakdown

1 mile warm up

1 X 800 time: 3:30

2 X 800 time: 3:26 First mile 6:56

3 X 800 time: 3:28

4 X 800 time: 3:27 Second mile 6:55

5 X 800 time: 3:21

6 X 800 time: 3: 20 Third mile 6:41

1.5 mile cool down

Track work is rrroouggghh. But it is the necessary evil to gain speed. Plus it keeps the mind busy by doing a little bit of math on the warm up mile to the track. Word of advice, if you can find a partner to do these workouts with you it goes by so much faster. Always bring a cold drink and expect the workout to be hard.  One day I will bring cold beer and friends to complete the Beer Mile.

Expect a lot of posts while I encounter the dreaded taper next week..


Anyone training for a race?

Advice while tapering or pre-race tips?

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