Runner’s Choice

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Friday I ended up with a late start on my run so I hopped on a treadmill in between training clients for 6 easy miles, which is about all i can stand indoors.  That’s what trainers do during our downtime, we workout. It’s a tough life <3.

Over the weekend I went to the Living Social building downtown (didn’t know this existed but it does!) and saw Brian Posehn perform stand up. He had me in tears! No one tells a fart joke like that guy. I made sure to meet him afterward and he was an incredibly nice dude. I even made him laugh talking about how Guy Fieri looks like the singer from Smash Mouth. Seriously, look it up, it’s uncanny.

Brian & me

Brian & me

Sunday started out with zero motivation. My usual weekend running partner decided to take a day off, so that was my free pass to sleep in… until the afternoon crept in and I felt guilty for not getting somewhat of a long run in this weekend. I made a deal with myself, and if you run you probably have done this before: I was going to get out there, not knowing how far or how fast and make the decision of what type of workout this was going to be within the first 20 minutes. If I suck or my legs just won’t go, i’ll just call it a wash for the day and head back home. This is what I like to call Runner’s Choice, going out without a specific training run in mind and deciding on the fly.

finally got my shoes on.

finally got my shoes on.

The weather was gorgeous, my legs felt fresh and I was well fueled from my chicken avocado sandwich I had from lunch. The miles started ticking away and I decided to push it, and go faster along the way.  My mile splits: 8:27, 8:33, 8:44, 8:15, 7:57, 7:40, 7:19, 7:38. After putting off my run all day, i ended up with a decent 8 mile workout, and a 4 mile walk from earlier in the day, putting my total daily miles at 12. 🙂 Not a traditional long run, but can 4 walking miles + 8 speedier miles = 12 easy miles??

The best runs always happen when the little things fall into place. Your breathing is easy, your legs feel like they could go all day, the weather cooperates and instead of staring at the asphalt, you say hi to strangers and notice how green the trees are. Wait, maybe this was just a runner’s high thing? Either way, it’s why I run. The training is hard almost 80% of the time.  But for the one time everything clicks and feels easy and fun, it’s so worth it. Just like seeing Brian Posehn, and waiting for his fart jokes. Totally worth it.


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