Nuun, Gu, and other strange words


The best days are when I get running stuff in the mail. Today I got my Nuun electrolyte tablets. I’ve been obsessed with drinking Nuun (pronounced noon) for about 8 months now and I cannot get enough of it! They are flavored and lightly carbonated with electrolytes, B12 vitamins all under 5 calories. Basically a Gatorade without all the added sugars, calories & artificial coloring <—but hey, blue teeth are sexy!  Win, win right?


tropical, fruit punch, grape & strawberry lemonade ❤

sweaty betty

sweaty betty

Fueling with liquids and gels during my longer workouts are becoming just as important as the shoes on my feet because I sweat a lot and lose nutrients! (See above pic)  I don’t want to hit a wall, or have my body slow down on me if it’s running on empty.  Check out your race’s website and see what brand of drinks and food will be provided on the course. Then take the time to experiment with those liquids and foods during your long runs. Don’t wait until race day to decide to start drinking Cytomax or Gatorade if you’ve never used it in training. The porta-potty surprise should not be part of racing, and crapping your shorts is NOT cute.

I’m finding that if I have a traditional sports drink, like Gatorade or Powerade, and then try eating a GU packet, I get an upset stomach. I can do one or the other, not both. (This is where Nuun or plain ol’ water steps in for me.)  GU Energy Gel is a carbohydrate/amino acid/electrolyte blend (my favorites also contain caffeine). They are 100 calories and easy to eat and digest while running. The first time I ate this I thought it tasted like snot–I was beyond grossed out. Now that i know what to expect, i actually like it and it’s an easy way to get in a decent amount of calories and the packets are small enough to carry or fit in a pocket.

There are plenty of other brands and options you can use. Clif bar doesn’t just make protein bars, they make good gels (i’ve tried them!) and Shot Bloks, which are basically oversized fruit snacks. Definitely a good option if you can’t deal with the gel texture. Gatorade also makes chews and they are delicious! When you visit a major race expo you will get the chance to sample a lot of different types of nutrition brands.

Clif Gel

Clif Gel

Shot Bloks

Shot Bloks

Gatorade Energy Chews

Gatorade Energy Chews

Sometimes these endurance supplements can get pricey, like $1.50+ for a gel and same for a sports beverage. To fuel on a budget, try squeezing honey in some water to use as your sports drink. You can always try peanut butter or candy as an energy source. I have used swedish fish and sour patch kids in the past. My only issue was chewing. It ordeal for me. I was seriously annoyed spending the extra energy chewing. #Runnerprobs

this is my Clif/Gu/Nuun selection along with fun toys and tea cups

this is my Gu/Nuun selection along with fun toys and tea cups

Favorite sports nutrition drink or gel?

Anyone have a recipe or candy to use instead? Share it!

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4 thoughts on “Nuun, Gu, and other strange words

  1. I love Honey Stingers (especially Fruit Punch Smoothie flavor)! I can’t do Gu packets, I’ve tried but it feels too much like eating icing on the run … though the PB flavored ones are so f’ing tasty.

  2. I tried the Nuun guys for the first time today and I have to admit that I couldn’t stand it. My water felt a little thicker and bubbly and is it possible it also sucked the cold out of it? My water seemed to lose all refresh feel. I’m going to give the gels a go next! Was a great read, thanks!

    • Yeah nuun is definitely an acquired taste. My boyfriend thinks it’s nasty..but i only drink water or sparkling water so I like the fizzy weird taste haha. Also this is a super old post. I don’t even use gu since I discovered honey stingers! Try those. Much easier on the stomach and they taste awesome !

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