Tempo Run & Baseball!

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I’d like to thank last night’s very veggie pasta dish and the humidity finally letting up for a great tempo run today.  1 mile warm up,  6 miles at half marathon pace, 1.4 mile cool down with 1 minute rest in between miles. My tempo mile splits were 7:29, 7:30, 7:31, 7:37, 7:25, 7:15.  Super stoked about managing to hold onto some miles in the sub-8 department.

Focusing on the mile I’m currently running is what helps make it through these tougher workouts. If I went into it thinking, how many more miles? at what pace?! I’d drive myself crazy. Focus on the mile you are running. This helps especially during longer runs & in races. Today focusing on the beer & hot dog I was going to devour at tonight’s baseball game is what pushed me through each mile.  What? Should i be focusing on rainbows and butterflies?

BLT Dog & Garlic Fries

BLT Dog & Garlic Fries

So yeah i’ve been to a few baseball games this summer and they’ve been a blast. I’m not cheating on hockey, it’s just something to get by until hockey preseason starts next month. Already have tickets for the Capitals & Blackhawks. Going to any sporting event live is way better than tv. I’m notorious for falling asleep during baseball games at home.

**Fun fact! Laura (pictured below) is running her first 1/2 marathon this October @ the Baltimore Running Festival!! So proud of her already!

Matt, Laura, Cameron, Me, 2 random dudes.

 I think i'm trying to run or dance? haha

quick! Am i pretending to run, dance, air guitar or just being a crafty pick pocket!?

Anyone have a birthday coming up?

How would you like to spend your birthday?

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