My First Post & Favorite Distance

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Half Marathon.  13.1 miles. This is my favorite distance. It’s long enough to test endurance and short enough to test speed.

I’m into half marathon training and noticing my favorite workouts by far are progressive runs. You start at a conservative pace, and with each mile you increase speed by about 10 or so seconds. It teaches you to push harder as you fatigue, just like a race. Least favorite workouts are easy runs. I have a hard time running ‘easy & slow’. I know, i know…I’m working on it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to set a PR (personal record) with each 1/2 marathon since my very first in 2009 so I get pretty crazy about PR’ing the closer I get to the race. I believe the reason for being able to PR over and over is choosing 1-2 races per year, focusing on a quality race and having plenty of recovery time afterward.  But if you’re not an OCD control freak like me and just enjoy running races for fun and have extra money to throw around, that’s awesome too!  (I’m a little jealous, but whatevs)

Next race on the roster is half marathon #7– Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia on Sept 15th.  I’d like to shave some off my time 1:46:57, I hate to say any goals out loud unless i’m throwing salt over my shoulder, knocking on wood and spinning around a few times, but what the hay– I’m shooting for a sub 1:40.  Lofty? Sure. Can I do it, definitely within the next year or so if i don’t hit it next month. If I ever want to Boston Qualify I need to run a half marathon fast.  If that’s not motivating i don’t know what is.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.53.45 PM(this is the last mile in the USA Rock N’ Roll 1/2 )

What’s your favorite race distance?

Favorite running workout? Least favorite?

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One thought on “My First Post & Favorite Distance

  1. 5k right now because I have a time in mind that I want to get under. I hate running anything more than a 5k… too long for me.

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